Can You Clean Tupperware Containers With Bleach?

If you’ve been using Tupperware for years, you know how much of a hassle cleaning these containers can be, especially after you use them to store oily foods. It’s therefore not surprising that some people choose to clean Tupperware containers using bleach.

But is this good for your Tupperware? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s post.

Is bleach good for Tupperware?

Pure bleach is not good for your Tupperware containers. It needs to be diluted beforehand. And even then, it should not be used regularly or in large quantities.

What will bleach do to a Tupperware container?

Since bleach is corrosive, it can damage Tupperware and other plastic containers. The longer and more often you use bleach to clean Tupperware containers, the more visible the damage will be.

Also, the more concentrated the bleach, the quicker you will see the damage. This damage usually presents as an oxidized upper layer. Ultimately, bleach is more suitable for cleaning glass containers.

Fortunately, the Tupperware brand recently launched its first glass container line. The line is called PremiaGlass and all the containers in it are made of borosilicate glass. This makes the containers microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer safe.

After all, this type of glass can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. Beyond that, it is lighter and more durable than traditional tempered glass.

However, all glass containers aren’t as easy to store and carry with you as their plastic counterparts.

In what cases should you clean Tupperware Containers with bleach?

You should only clean Tupperware containers with bleach when it’s stained. Otherwise, stick to soap and water.  Also, keep in mind that using bleach is not the only way to get rid of Tupperware stains.

You can use less corrosive alternatives like baking soda solution, white vinegar, hand sanitizer, ice cubes, or paper towels. When it comes down to it, using bleach should be a last resort.

Another thing to keep in mind is that preventing stains on your Tupperware is better and easier than getting rid of them.

So always spray a little bit of oil inside your Tupperware before adding food to it and ensure you empty and rinse it immediately after every use.

If after all this you still find that some of your Tupperware containers are filled with stains and have scratches, consider throwing them out or using them for a different purpose.

How to clean Tupperware Containers with bleach

If you decide to clean Tupperware containers with bleach, you need to be careful. You will have to start by mixing one tablespoon of bleach with a cup of warm water. If you need to make more of this solution, just use the same ratio.

The next step is to pour this solution into your stained Tupperware container. Ensure that the solution’s level is above where the stains are. Afterward, let the solution stand for at least thirty minutes. You can even let it stand overnight.

Whatever the case, wait until you notice that the stains have lifted. Once this happens, pour out the solution and then thoroughly clean Tupperware containers using water and dish soap. Ensure you thoroughly rinse it afterward and leave it out to dry.

Alternatively, you can use a dishwasher to clean and dry your Tupperware. Just keep in mind that it may not dry properly this way.

Avoid bleach if you can

Unless you are using the newly-launched glass Tupperware, avoid using bleach to clean your containers. This will make them last longer.

Also, if your Tupperware stains get so bad that you need to use bleach on them, just know that it’s almost time to replace them.

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