Can You Recycle Yakult Bottles?

Yakult is a fermented milk beverage that is popular among adults and kids alike. As such, it’s easy to end up buying several bottles of this beverage every week. But how do you get rid of all the empty Yakult bottles once you’re done?

Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

What are Yakult bottles made from?

These bottles are made of a plastic material called polystyrene.

Can Yakult bottles be recycled?

Yes, Yakult bottles can be recycled.

Are Yakult bottles biodegradable?

These bottles aren’t biodegradable and therefore can’t be composted. They can stay in the soil for many years before they start breaking down. And even when they do, they don’t break down completely.

How to properly get rid of Yakult bottles?

The best way to get rid of Yakult bottles is to recycle them with the rest of your plastic waste. Just ensure that you rinse them out before placing them in your plastic recycling bin. If you don’t do this, you may end up contaminating the recycling stream.

Keep in mind that you can even recycle Yakult bottles for money in some parts of the world. Just accumulate them, rinse them out, and drop them off at the nearest recycling facility.

Can you reuse Yakult bottles?

Yes, you can reuse Yakult bottles. You can use them to store milk/other beverages or use them to create something new. You can do the latter by:

  1. Using the bottles to make binoculars

Because they are small, Yakult bottles can easily be used to make binoculars. You can do this by cutting out the bottom of two bottles, washing them, and then decorating their outside. Afterward, stick them to each other vertically and then use a string to connect them

This will allow you to wear them on your neck and walk around with them. This is a great DIY project to do by yourself or with your kids. It’s particularly great if you and your family love going bird watching.

  1. Using a bottle to make a lampshade

You can use a Yakult bottle to create a lampshade by cleaning it, cutting it in half, and then putting one half on a lamp stand. You can take things a step further and decorate the outer side of the bottle. Alternatively, you can stick several Yakult bottles in circles to create an intricate lampshade.

  1. Using a bottle to make a pencil holder

One of the easiest ways to reuse a Yakult bottle is to use it to hold your pencils, brushes, and other working tools. To do this, you just have to clean your bottle and place your pencils/brushes inside it. If the Yakult labels bother you, you can remove them too. You can even choose to decorate the bottle’s exterior.

  1. Using the bottles as plant pots

If you love plants, you can use your empty Yakult bottles to plant them. All you have to do is wash them, add soil to them, and then introduce your seeds. You can even decorate the bottles to make them fit with your home’s theme.

  1. Using the bottles as organizers

When you cut Yakult bottles in half and clean them, you can use them to organize small things like keys and flash disks. You can even decorate and label the resulting containers to make things easier for you. Ultimately, this is an easy project that you can even use with kids.

  1. Using the bottles to make a coffee table

You can easily attach several Yakult bottles vertically to create a coffee table. It’s up to you to decide what table design suits you. Whatever the case, these bottles are quite tough and can hold most of the items you usually place on a table.

Reuse or recycle!

When it comes down to it, the most sustainable way to deal with empty Yakult bottles is to reuse or recycle them. This will keep you from adding plastic waste to the environment and also save you some money. In some cases, it can make you some cash as well!

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