Are Oatly Milk Cartons Recyclable?

As more and more people become health conscious, the demand for dairy milk alternatives increases. As we speak, there are several made from oats, rice, and coconut. Oat milk has particularly become popular over the years, with big brands like Oatly garnering a big share of the market.

But what is Oatly packaging made of? And can it be recycled? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

What is Oatly packaging made out of?

Oatly uses paper-based packaging for its liquid milk and ice cream products. Beyond that, its other products like Oagurt are packaged in containers made of recyclable and renewable materials.

Can Oatly packaging be recycled?

Yes, Oatly packaging can be recycled. You can easily recycle their cartons and containers.

How do you recycle Oatly containers?

You can recycle your Oatly carton as you would any other cardboard box. Just ensure that you remove its lid and place it in the plastic recycling bin.

Can you compost Oatly packaging?

No, Oatly packaging can’t be composted.

Ways you can reuse Oatly milk cartons

Some of the ways you can reuse Oatly milk cartons are:

  1. Making planters

One of the best ways to reuse Oatly milk cartons is to use them to grow plants. All you have to do is cut away one side of the carton, add some soil to it, and plant your seeds. If you want to plant one or two seeds, you can simply just cut the top of the carton off and use it as it usually stands.

But if you want to plant several plants, lay the carton on its side and cut off the side facing up. This way, you can plant seeds along the carton’s length.

  1. Making bird feeders

If you love watching birds, getting a bird feeder is a great way to make things more interesting. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy one; you can use an empty Oatly milk carton to make one.

To create one, just cut out an opening on one side of the box and pierce a stick through the box; the birds will need the stick to perch on. Also, remember to add seeds to the base of the box. You can also decorate the box in bright colors to attract birds.

  1. Making storage boxes

When you cut out the top of the milk carton, clean it, and decorate it, you can then use it to store things around your house. You can particularly use these boxes to store small items like pencils, sewing tools, and ribbons.

  1. Making toy houses

If you have kids, you can use empty Oatly milk cartons to make them great toys. These cartons are particularly great for creating miniature houses. You can make these by decorating the boxes and even making roof-like structures on their tops.

  1. Making miniature boats

You can use your milk cartons to make miniature boats that you or your kids can play with, in the bathroom. To do this, just lay your carton along its length and then cut out its top.

Afterward, you can clean, decorate, and put sails on it. To make a sail, you can use a stick, some yarn, and a small disposable cup.

  1. Making a pill box

If you keep forgetting your pills at home, we have some good news for you; you can use a milk carton box to create a pillbox. To do this, you first have to cut out the area around the cap; a rectangular cut-out is best.

Afterward, you can cut out a similar rectangular piece of carton from another part of the box and stick it to the inner side of the first cut-out.

Just ensure that the cap and both cut-outs are clean because you stick them together though. This way, when you open the cap there’s a clean flat surface where you can store your pills. What’s more? This type of pillbox can easily fit in your pocket.

Consider other options

When it comes down to it, Oatly still has some work to do to ensure that its packaging is sustainable. However, the fact that they have made their packaging recyclable is a step in the right direction.

You don’t have to stick to this brand though; you can always explore other brands that are more sustainable.

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