Are Donut Boxes Compostable?

Even though more people have started avoiding wheat, donut boxes are still one of the most popular treats for get-togethers out there. Both children and adults love them, and can regularly eat them at different times of the day. That’s why you can find donuts and different donut boxes in most grocery stores these days.

But if you regularly buy these donuts, you can easily end up accumulating donut boxes. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you on how to sustainably get rid of them.

What are donut boxes made out of?

These boxes are usually made of corrugated fireboard. This material is a type of cardboard that’s lightweight, durable, and strong.

Can you compost donut boxes?

You can compost most of these boxes because they’re made of cardboard. This material is biodegradable and is good for your compost. In the rare occurrence that you come across a donut box made of plastic or any other synthetic material though, you won’t be able to compost it.

Can you recycle donut boxes?

Most times, you can’t recycle these boxes. This is because they usually have grease, frosting, and other food materials. These will contaminate any recycling stream they are introduced to.

How to properly get rid of donut boxes?

The best way to get rid of these boxes is to compost them. If you don’t do this, you will have to throw your boxes in the trash, and they will just end up decomposing in the landfill. That’s why big donut brands like Krispy Kreme encourage composting.

They even had a challenge in 2013 that involved composting their boxes. While the main challenge was a road race with participants eating donuts, the company also ensured that all the resulting boxes were composted. This was done in collaboration with NC State University.

How do you upcycle Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme boxes?

The easiest way to reuse these boxes is to use them for storage. You can simply do this by cutting their tops, decorating them, and then storing things inside them. You can even create partitions in these boxes and use them vertically to store jars.

Alternatively, you can add some string handles to them and use Dunkin’ Donut Boxes to hold toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

Brand-specific questions

Can you recycle or compost Krispy Kreme boxes?

While you can’t recycle Krispy Kreme boxes, you can compost them.

Are Dunkin’ Donuts boxes recyclable or compostable?

Dunkin’ Donuts boxes can usually be composted but not recycled.

Compost as much as you can

If you regularly buy and eat donuts, it’s best to compost their boxes. If you don’t have a compost heap in your home, you can accumulate many donut boxes and then drop them off at a nearby composting facility.

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