Stanley The Perfect-Brew Pour Over Review: The Sustainable Pour Over Coffee Option

I love a nice cup of coffee in the mornings as much as the next gal but I’m also not a coffee snob. Which means that when I was searching for a better way to make my morning cup of joe, I was looking for something that’s easy and simple.

Since I live in a small apartment in the city, big espresso machines were out of the question. I also wanted something that’s sustainable, so Keurig or any of the other little coffee machines that use coffee pods were not an option either.

That’s when I found the pour-over coffee-making method.

It seemed perfect for me. However, most setups required the use of coffee filters. And even though they are made of paper and can be composted or recycled, it still didn’t feel right to buy something that creates even more waste. Especially since I drink coffee every day which would mean using at least one filter a day.

So, I started looking for another solution. And I found it in the Stanley Perfect-Brew Pour Over.

How does the Stanley The Perfect-Brew Pour Over work?

It works by filtering your coffee grounds through a stainless-steel filter, leaving you with a nice brew without the mess of coffee grounds in your cup. Just spoon in your favorite coffee, pour some water over the grounds and let the dripper do the rest.

I like to add an extra step to the process by letting the coffee bloom for a moment after wetting the grounds with hot water. This allows for the release of carbon dioxide from the coffee making it taste less sour.

Then I pour the rest of the water in and let the pour over work its magic. And in just a few minutes my coffee is done and I can enjoy a solid cup of java.

What’s great about the Stanley Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over?

Made from high-grade stainless steel, the Stanley The Perfect-Brew Pour Over is a fantastic little coffee maker that you can use at home or on the go.

At only 0.6 pounds in weight and 5.8 by 4.5 by 4.9 inches in size, it’s lightweight and relatively small. So, although it might not fit in your purse, it will definitely be small enough for a carry-on or a backpack. And, since it’s made of metal and therefore is sturdy as hell, you won’t have to worry about breaking or bending it.

Sure, you could get something smaller. The famed Hario V60 and Kalita Wave drippers both are slightly smaller than the Stanley Pour Over one. But those require paper filters. And if you’re like me and would rather brew your coffee in something that’s a bit more sustainable, then you should look into this Stanley dripper.

Another highlight of the Stanley The Perfect-Brew Pour Over is that you can make anywhere from just one to six cups of coffee in one pour. Making it perfect for not only people like me who drink just one cup a day. But it also works for when you have guests over and you need to make bigger quantities of coffee.

Cleaning is also super easy for this Stanley Pour Over system. It comes in three parts – the stainless-steel body, removable filter, and threaded filter holder – so once you’re done using the dripper you can dump out the grounds, quickly disassemble and rinse them and you’re good to go.

Once in a while, you can do a more thorough clean by washing it with dish soap or placing it in a dishwasher because it is also dishwasher-safe.

And, it’s made by Stanley, who are giants in the food and beverage container industry. Many of you probably have at least one piece of Stanley gear in your home, be it their travel mug or vacuum bottle. So, this pour over will perfectly fit all of them. Along with most other bottles, thermoses, and regular mugs and cups.

On top of that, if you have Stanley products at home then you already might be familiar with the quality and care the brand puts into their products. And the Perfect-Brew Pour Over is no different. It feels well-made, sturdy, and like it will last for years to come. Even if you do use it every day as I do. And it’s easy on the eyes, too, which is always a bonus.

What are the drawbacks of The Stanley Perfect-Brew Pour Over?

However, it would be remiss of me not to mention one downside of the Stanley Pour Over that might be a dealbreaker for some.

Since it uses a reusable stainless steel filter instead of a paper one, if your coffee is too fine it might leave you with a bit of a “coffee sand” in your cup. And you will also most likely have to stir the grounds a few times to unclog the holes in the filter and for the water to actually filter though.

Yet, if you opt for medium-ground coffee or even ground it yourself into a medium grind size which is better and produces tastier coffee anyway, then this usually is not a problem. You’re just left with a nice, warm cup of coffee to enjoy.

The verdict

So, is the Stanley The Perfect-Brew Pour Over worth it?

I would say a hundred percent yes!

It’s a neat little device that lets you make a great cup of joe quickly and sustainably. You can use it as your daily driver at home or in the office as well as easily take it with you when you’re going camping or on vacation since it’s made of sturdy stainless steel and is relatively small. It’s also easy to clean, makes 1 to 6 cups of coffee, and fits most coffee mugs. And if using a bit of a coarser grind is not a dealbreaker for you, then you should definitely try this Stanley Pour Over dripper.


  • The Stanley Pour Over is very easy to use – just assemble it, pour in your grounds, saturate them with hot water and you’re coffee is brewing.
  • It’s also easy to clean since it comes in 3 easily-detachable parts that you can quickly rinse with water. And it is also dishwasher safe.
  • You can make up to six cups of coffee in one pour making it perfect for all situations and circumstances.
  • The Classic Pour Over is made from stainless steel so it’s sturdy, and won’t break or bend easily even if you’re taking it with you camping, fishing, you name it.
  • It’s sustainable since it doesn’t require the use of disposable filters.
  • You can use it as your daily driver, your camping coffee system, or both since it’s so versatile.
  • It works not just with all Stanley mugs and bottles but also with most other coffee cups, mugs and thermoses.


  • If your coffee grounds are too fine it will take much longer to brew a cup of coffee and you might need to stir the grounds to dislodge them from the holes in the filter. The solution here is to just use a medium-ground coffee.
  • It isn’t the smallest dripper out there so size-wise it might not be as portable as other ones. But because it is a bit bigger, it can make up to six cups in one pour – something that other systems cannot.
  • Since it’s made of stainless steel it can get pretty hot when you’re brewing multiple cups of coffee. However, I found that if I’m making just one cup, the top half of the steel body doesn’t even have time to warm up. And, if you are making multiple cups, just make a point of not touching the dripper right away.

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