How to Recycle Empty Cooking Oil Bottles

Cooking oil is a staple in the modern-day kitchen. It is used to make a variety of delicious meals and many of us can’t live without it.

But while it is a worthy buy, it can get you saddled with tens of empty oil bottles at the end of the year.

So how do you get rid of these bottles? Can you recycle them?

Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Can oil bottles be recycled?

Yes, you can recycle empty cooking oil bottles. Some curbside recycling programs even accept them.

Since most of these bottles are made of plastic, you can easily figure out how to recycle them by confirming the type of plastic they are made of. This is usually indicated at the bottom of the bottle. Once you know this, you can check with your local recycling program whether they accept that type of plastic.

Don’t worry if they don’t accept your plastic bottles though. You can easily find a suitable recycling program using online search tools like the ones Earth 911 and I Want To Be Recycled have.

Once you find a viable option, all you have to do is prepare your bottles for dropoff or pick up. This could include washing them or sorting them as per the facility’s requirements.

How to recycle olive oil bottles?

Since olive oil is chemically unstable, it is usually packaged and stored in dark green bottles. Fortunately, these bottles are also recyclable using some local curbside programs and a variety of other recycling facilities.

Just check whether your local authorities accept them before tossing them into your recycling bin. If they don’t, look for facilities that do.

How do you properly dispose of empty oil bottles?

Recycling is the best way to dispose of empty cooking oil bottles. The only other option you have is to throw them out, and this will only contribute to the filling of landfills.

What can I do with old olive oil bottles besides throwing them out?

There are several ways you can reuse empty cooking oil bottles, particularly those that had olive oil. These include:

  • Making vases – if you’re looking for a vase for your flowers, it’s easy to convert an empty oil bottle to one. All you have to do is decorate it and remove its cap. You can decorate using ribbons, adhesives, shells, and even glass etching.
  • Making bottle lamps – while many may not know this, you can easily convert your empty olive oil bottle into a bottle lamp. All you have to do is fill it with sand/marbles and then install a light bulb assembly at its top.
  • As containers – once you wash out your empty cooking oil bottles, you can use them to hold broth, iced tea, and even fryer drippings.

Reuse and recycle!

Ultimately, the most sustainable way to deal with empty cooking oil bottles is to reuse them as much as you can and then recycle them. This will help you get maximum use from them and avoid adding waste to landfills.

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