Can You Clean Mold off a Beeswax Wrap?

So, you decided to switch to beeswax wraps. Way to go! You’ve made an important step toward living more sustainably. Beeswax wraps are a great plastic-free alternative for food storage.

Unfortunately, you might have noticed that your beloved wraps are beginning to develop a bit of mold. You want to remove it as soon as you can.

But can you actually clean mold off a beeswax wrap?

The short answer is no, you can’t clean mold off beeswax wraps. Once your wrap becomes moldy, it’s best to stop using it for food storage and consider upcycling it to another use.

You can extend the life of your wraps by washing them regularly with cold water and gentle soap. To prevent mold from developing, try the antibacterial “sunbath” method.

How did my wrap get moldy?

Mold develops when the wax coating breaks down after a few uses, and moisture makes its way into the cloth fibers.

Because your wraps can’t be cleaned with warm water or harsh cleaners, there’s no way to get rid of those pesky mold spores once they begin to grow.

If you continue to use a moldy beeswax wrap, you might be contaminating your food and exposing yourself to harmful pathogens.

How can I prevent my beeswax wrap from getting moldy?

A great way to prevent mold build-up is by giving your wraps regular “sun baths”.

Just like us, wraps need to get some sun every once in a while. Putting your wrap outside on a mild day can help kill off any pathogens that might be starting to develop.

You can hang them on a clothesline or just place them on a baking sheet. Be sure to give them some support because they’ll start to soften in the sunlight.

Combing “sun baths” with a good cleaning and care routine should keep your wraps fresh and healthy for up to a year!

How do I clean my wraps?

Developing a regular care routine is the best way to keep your beeswax wrap from getting moldy.

You should wash your wrap after every use with cold water and mild soap. Once the wrap is cold, it should be solid enough to be lightly scrubbed, just like any plate.

Once cleaned, fold your wraps and store them in an area where you know they will stay dry and be ready for your next picnic or hike!

Should I throw out a moldy wrap?

No way! While you can’t bring a moldy beeswax wrap back to life for food storage, there are plenty of ways to reuse them in other ways.

One great alternative to the trash can is using your wraps as a washcloth until they wear down enough to be composted.

Switching to beeswax wraps is an easy way to reduce single-use plastic waste and keep your food fresh, whether it’s in the fridge or the picnic basket. Like any good thing, you’ll have to put in a little extra care, but by developing a regular cleaning routine, you’ll be able to enjoy these cute, convenient wraps for years to come!

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