Can You Microwave Food Preservation Trays?

Apart from refrigerators, food preservation trays have really revolutionized how we store food for long periods.

They are usually small, compact, and reusable, making them perfect for meal prepping and freezer storage.

But one concern lurks in the minds of many sustainability geeks: are these trays microwave safe?

Well, it’s about time we found out.

Can you microwave food preservation trays?

Yes, you can microwave food preservation trays. They are usually made of BPA-free materials and are considered to be microwave safe.

Just to be safe though, you should check the packaging for the microwave-safe indication. Also, in some cases, the lid of the tray is not microwave-safe.

Can you use food preservation trays for hot food?

Usually, food preservation trays can withstand both high and low temperatures. As such, they are suitable for both hot and cold foods. This is why they are okay to use in the refrigerator.

What can you use instead of food preservation trays?

If you’re not so sure about food preservation trays, there are a ton of other storage options including:

Glass containers

Since glass containers can withstand both heat and cold, they are a great replacement for food preservation trays.

Apart from being BPA-free, they don’t absorb any food colors and flavors over time, making them easy to clean and therefore one of the most sanitary options out there.

Ceramic dishes

Ceramics and all other types of stoneware are usually safe for microwaving, as long as they don’t have any metallic rims, edges, or finishes. This is primarily because they are made from earthenware, brick, or porcelain.

Just to ensure that your particular ceramic is 100% microwave safe though, always look for a stamp indicating so.

Moreover, you should know that even though ceramics can be used in microwaves, they can still become too hot to touch with your bare hands.

Paper plates

These plates are microwave-safe, especially those made from white paper. However, non-white and printed ones can leach chemicals into your food and even increase the chances of a fire occurring.

Also, if you want to microwave something oily or greasy, you will have to layer up two or three paper plates together. This way you won’t have to worry about the plate crumbling under the weight of the food.

Another thing you always need to do is slide the food into a solid sturdy dish as soon as it’s out of the microwaving and give it time to cool off before eating. This protects you from any unexpected burns.

Moreover, when you are microwaving splatter-prone food for more than 30 seconds using paper plates, you should loosely cover them with plain paper towels. Don’t use plastic wrap though; it may melt or warp.

Get good food preservation trays

Ultimately, how safe your food preservation trays are for microwaving depends on their quality. As such, you should always invest in the highest quality you can afford.

These are free of BPA and can comfortably withstand microwaving even the greasiest of foods. And they have long lifespans, significantly reducing their harm to the environment.

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