Is Wrapping Tissue Paper Compostable?

Gift-giving and receiving are pretty exciting, especially during the holidays. But with all those gifts being tossed around, there is a lot of wrapping required. And for many of us, tissue paper is a great option. It is soft and easy to manipulate.

But what do you do when all the celebration is over and you have all that tissue lying around? That’s what we are going to discuss today.

Is wrapping tissue paper compostable?

Yes, tissue paper is compostable, as long as it doesn’t have any synthetic coating, glitter, or foil on it. In fact, tissue paper can be really good for your compost. It can absorb any excess water in your heap and keep it from producing odors.

Is wrapping tissue paper recyclable?

While wrapping tissue paper can be recycled, many facilities and cities don’t have the means to do so. As such, most recycling programs don’t accept this material.

Is wrapping tissue paper eco-friendly?

Yes, wrapping tissue paper is eco-friendly. Beyond being compostable, it is usually made from recycled materials, meaning its production doesn’t drain the environment.

Eco-friendly wrapping alternatives

If you feel like wrapping tissue paper is still not the best option for you, we have some good news for you – there are several eco-friendly alternatives out there. Here are a few:

Reusable boxes

To avoid wastage, you can reuse the boxes you accumulate over the year for gift giving. Whether they came with home appliances, foodstuff, or even received gifts, you can find a way to use them again.

Reusable gift baskets

Odds are, you already have some gift baskets lying around the house. So instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them to give gifts to your family and friends – they won’t even notice.

Woven baskets

If you are planning to give someone more than one gift, woven baskets are a great packaging option. Just arrange all the gifts in a woven seagrass or wicker basket and you should be good to go.

What’s more, the basket also becomes a gift because it can be reused around the house.

Fabric wraps

In this digital era, you can easily learn how to create fabric wraps using old scarves, T-shirts, and even bandannas. All you need is to watch a few YouTube videos and you should be ready to make some of your own.


While most people rarely think of it, cute jars and tins can be repurposed to be great gift packages. You can even decorate them using photos, hand-drawn pictures, and sweet messages from your kids. These jars can make your gifter sweeter and more personal.

Old maps

If you have a stash of old maps, you can use them as cool wrapping paper. They may be just what you need to make your gift stand out.

Get the most out of your wrapping tissue paper

Ultimately, the best way to make the most out of your wrapping tissue paper is by reusing it severally before you compost it. This way you can avoid waste and only buy what you need!

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