How to Safely Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives

Knives are a kitchen staple, especially among those who cook regularly. And for those who really enjoy cooking, one knife isn’t enough – many opt for sets with several uniquely-designed pieces.

While that is more than okay, it poses a problem when it’s finally time to get rid of these knives.

I mean, what are you even supposed to do with them? Can they be recycled? Can you give them to charity?

Well, those are the questions we are going to answer today.

Are metal knives recyclable?

Yes, metal knives can be recycled.

Can you put knives in recycling?

No, you can’t throw your knives in the recycling bin. Since they are sharp, they can injure the people who come to collect the bin or the ones at the recycling facility. The best approach to recycling knives is to take them to the recycling facility yourself. Fortunately, most facilities accept knives and make the drop-off process easy for you.

So if your knives are fully metallic, you will just have to toss them in the mixed metal containers on-site. But if they have a plastic or wooden handle, you will have to hand them over to one of the staff members.

Whichever types of knives you have though, remember to prepare them accordingly for safe transportation.

No matter how dull they are, wrap them in paper or cardboard. You can remove the wrapping off before you toss them in the mixed metal container – leave them on if you’re handing them over to a staff member though.

Will charity shops take old kitchen knives?

If your old kitchen knives are still in good shape, you can donate them to charity. Organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army can help you with this – they can even come to pick up your donation.

Just ensure the knives you’re giving away are clean and sharp if possible – you can sharpen them beforehand.

Also, ensure they are wrapped in cardboard or paper before being packed so that they don’t hurt anyone. If you want to, you can even label the plastic container or cardboard box you’ve packed them in with the type of knives they are.

Eventually, the kitchen knives you donate could end up at a shelter or soup kitchen that really needs them.

How do you dispose of old kitchen knives?

Apart from donating, selling, or recycling your old kitchen knives, you can just throw them out in the trash, especially if they’re too worn out.

But this is only feasible in some places – some US states have made it illegal to throw knives in the trash. So always check with your local authorities before doing so. And remember to wrap the knives accordingly before proceeding.

Also, keep in mind that all the knives you throw into the trash will end up in landfills – something that’s bad for the environment. So if you’re trying to live sustainably, you’re better off with the other options we’ve mentioned.

Go easy on the knives

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you don’t have to constantly deal with the hassle of trying to get rid of several knives at once is to buy just a few at a go.

And when it’s finally time to let go, remember to sell, recycle, or donate them!

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