How to Dispose of Big TV Boxes

Everyone remembers buying their first TV; the excitement during this time is usually palpable. And for many of us, this makes us not want to get rid of our TV boxes. But is doing this worth it? And if you choose to dispose of your TV box, how can you do this sustainably?

Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s post.

Should I save my large TV boxes or can I throw them away?

Unless you frequently resell your TV sets, there is no point in keeping your TV box for longer than a few months. The few months of waiting are supposed to give you a chance to see whether the TV is working properly.

If you encounter a problem and need to return the TV, the box will come in handy. It will help in transportation and reassure the retailers that you bought the TV from them. After all, some retailers won’t replace your TV or give you a refund if you don’t have its original packaging and documentation.

Also, when reselling your TV set, you will get a better price if you have its original packaging. This will also help you ship the TV to the buyer safely.

Do I need to keep my TV boxes for moving?

While your TV box can help you while moving, the movers you are using can always supply you with a new one. As such, it only makes sense to save your TV box for this purpose if you are planning to move in soon.

Otherwise, you’re better off just saving the receipt and other necessary documentation. The TV box will get old and break down with time anyway.

How can I get rid of my big TV boxes?

There are several ways you can get rid of your big TV boxes. These include:

1. Recycling

This is one of the most sustainable ways to dispose of a big TV box. Since these boxes are usually made of cardboard, many recycling facilities accept them, even some curbside ones. So as long as your box is clean and dry, everything should be fine.

You just have to flatten the boxes and cut up any boxes that are longer/wider than 3 feet before recycling.

2. Throwing in the trash

If the TV box is dirty and/or wet, you will have to throw it in the trash. If the box is too big to fit in the trash can, you’ll have to fold and/or cut it.

3. Reusing it

If your TV box is still in good condition but you can’t recycle it, you can reuse it in a variety of ways. One way to do this is to use the box to store canvases or art.

Alternatively, you can cut our circle pieces out of the TV box and use them as coasters. You can even cut up the TV box to make magazine holders.

Final thoughts

When it comes down to it, there are several ways to get rid of big TV boxes. So you don’t have to keep your TV boxes until they begin to degrade; you probably never use them again anyway.


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