Cirkul Water Bottles: 29 Most Commonly Asked Questions Answered

As more and more people become health conscious, the demand for reusable water bottles keeps going up. It’s therefore not surprising that some water bottle brands have come up with interesting ways to stand out.

One such brand is Cirkul. However, a lot of people still have concerns about Cirkul water bottles. Fortunately, we have decided to use today’s post to answer common questions about this water bottle brand.

Circul Water Bottles

What is so special about the Cirkul water bottles?

The Cirkul water bottles are different from other water bottles because it allows you to easily add flavor to your water. Its unique design features a lid opening into which you can insert a flavor cartridge.

What’s more? The cartridge even has an adjustable dial that helps you adjust the strength of the flavor.

Are Cirkul bottles environmentally friendly?

Yes, Cirkul bottles are environmentally friendly. First of all, the fact that they are reusable means that using them reduces the amount of plastic you are adding to landfills. Secondly, Cirkul cartridges are made of recyclable material.

Ultimately, this means that each cartridge can reduce plastic waste by up to 84%. However, you need to check with your local authorities before you recycle your Cirkul cartridges; they may have some regulations you don’t know about.

But that aside, recycling them is usually easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Separate the cartridge top and bottom
  2. Remove the flavor pouch from the cartridge and get rid of it
  3. Recycle what is remaining of the cartridge

Another thing to keep in mind about Cirkul flavor cartridges is that they are light and take fewer resources to transport, especially when compared to bottled flavored beverages. In the long run, this reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced.

Can you take Cirkul on a plane?

Yes, you can take your Cirkul water bottle with you on a plane; you just need to empty it first. The TSA has no problem with these bottles. Even the Cirkul cartridges are okay to bring with you.

After all, each cartridge contains little liquid; way below the 3.4 ounces that airport security allows.

Are Cirkul water bottles kid friendly?

Yes, Cirkul bottles are kid friendly. For one, their pouts make drinking easier and safer for kids. Also, these bottles can encourage your kid to drink more water than sugary drinks.

This is because the brand offers flavors that kids usually find in their sugary drinks. These include peach mango and fruit punch. What’s more? All the flavors that Cirkul provides don’t contain any sugar or calories.

It also helps that some Cirkul cartridges contain vitamin B or electrolytes.

Are Cirkul water bottles dishwasher-safe?

Plastic Cirkul water bottles can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. On the other hand, the custom and stainless steel water bottles need to be washed by hand. Keep in mind that it’s advisable to clean your bottle and lid after every use.

Also, you’ll need to clean both of them before you use them for the first time.

Can you just drink water with the Cirkul water bottle?

Yes, you can drink regular water with a Cirkul bottle. It will taste fine.

Do Cirkul water bottles keep water cold?

While the plastic Cirkul water bottles can’t keep water cold, the stainless steel ones can. This is because they are double-walled, giving them insulation properties. As such, they can usually keep your water cold for 8 hours.

Can I put alcohol in my Cirkul bottle?

While you can put alcohol in your Cirkul bottle, it’s not advisable to do so.

Can I use milk in my Cirkul?

While Cirkul doesn’t recommend using milk with its flavors, a lot of people have successfully done this. This is particularly common among those who use the coffee flavors. However, chances are that the resulting flavor won’t be as good as that of a regular milk coffee.

Can you put club soda in a Cirkul?

Yes, you can put club soda in your Cirkul water bottle. A lot of people have done this over the years, especially soda lovers. However, the resulting flavor won’t be that of a soda.

Ultimately, this is a great drinking option for people who are trying to stop drinking soda by trying out something else that’s carbonated.

Can you put carbonated drinks in a Cirkul?

Yes, you can put carbonated drinks in a Cirkul water bottle.

Can you use tap water with Cirkul?

Yes, you can use tap water or any other type of water in your Cirkul bottle. Just ensure that it’s cold or at room temperature. These bottles aren’t suitable for hot water.

Can you put ice in a Cirkul bottle?

Yes, you can put ice in your Cirkul water bottle. Doing this can even help you keep your drink cold for longer than usual.

Can I freeze my Cirkul bottle?

No, freezing your Cirkul water bottle is a bad idea. This can destroy it. Truth be told, freezing your Cirkul cartridges is a bad idea too. You can either store it in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

How do you add flavor to a Cirkul water bottle?

To add flavor to your Cirkul water bottle, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that the bottle is clean and then fill it with your drink
  2. Attach the lid to the bottle and fasten it until it’s secure
  3. Unwrap the flavor cartridge and insert it into the lid opening
  4. Turn the cartridge clockwise to secure it in place
  5. Use the dial to choose which flavor strength you want to use; Cirkul advises starting with level 3
  6. Open the cap and align it with the flavor dial’s fin
  7. Push the cap down until its strap is secured onto the fin; this will keep it from getting in your way as you drink your water
  8. Sip your drink and check whether the flavor strength is enough for you. If it’s not, just turn up the dial

How much liquid can a Cirkul water bottle hold?

There are four sizes of Cirkul water bottles. These are 42oz, 32oz, 22oz, and 12oz.

Can you use your Cirkul lid with another type of bottle?

While Cirkul lids are designed to work with Cirkul bottles, they can also work with other popular wide-mouth water bottles. These include bottles from Klean Kanteen, Contigo, Hydro Flask, Nalgene, and CamelBak.

Cirkul cartridges (aka Cirkul Sips)

What flavors does Cirkul offer?

Cirkul offers over 50 flavors. These contain vitamin B, caffeine, electrolytes, pure flavor essences, or a combination of two or more. These flavors are grouped into 11 product lines.

These are Flyte, Frosted, Fission, Stage, Verda, Squeeze Lemonade, Gateway Tea, Puressence, GoSips, LifeSips, and FitSips.

Are Cirkul water bottle cartridges reusable?

No, you can’t reuse Cirkul water bottle cartridges. The best you can do is use them until they are depleted and then recycle them. Keep in mind that a Cirkul cartridge can flavor around 132 ounces of water depending on the flavor strength level you use.

This translates to 6 fill-ups if you’re using a 22oz bottle. You will know that it’s time to replace your cartridge when you notice a significant drop in flavor concentration, even when you use the highest strength setting (10).

How many days does a Cirkul sip last?

When you buy a Cirkul cartridge, its best-buy date will be indicated on its packaging. But once you open the sip, this date no longer applies. You will have to use it within 10 days of opening.

How long do the Cirkul cartridges last on different settings?

If you set your Cirkul to a strength setting of 4 or 5, you will be able to use it for 5 or 6 22 oz bottle refills. You can finish these in a few days or even a month depending on how often you use your Cirkul bottle.

Just keep in mind that you will get fewer refills if you consistently choose a higher flavor strength setting.

Is there a way to refill Cirkul cartridges?

No, you can’t refill Cirkul cartridges.

Do Cirkul cartridges filter water?

No, Cirkul cartridges don’t filter water; they just add flavor to your drink. However, Cirkul also sells a filter called the Cirkul Flow Filter. This proprietary filter contains activated carbon and seamlessly integrates with Cirkul lids and cartridges.

Because of its design, this filter can last for up to 30 days, filtering up to 20 gallons of water. It filters the water as you drink and can remove particles and chlorine.

Do Cirkul cartridges get moldy?

Yes, Cirkul cartridges can get moldy. This commonly happens when you use the same cartridge for ten days or more. That’s why it’s advisable to use a cartridge for at most 5 to 10 days.

Can you use your Cirkul cartridges with a different kind of bottle?

As long as you can use your Cirkul lid on a bottle, you can add any of the brand’s cartridges to it.

Cirkul system in general

Is Cirkul healthy?

Cirkul is healthy, especially when compared to drinking soda and/or other sugary drinks. The flavors in the Cirkul system are mostly natural and free of sugar and calories. When Cirkul chooses to use a sweetener, the brand goes for Sucralose or Stevia.

The latter is a zero-calorie, naturally-derived sweetener. On the other hand, the former is an artificial sweetener. It is the only one of its kind that Cirkul uses and their most popular pick. The good news is that it’s free of calories and is deemed safe for consumption by the FDA.

As such, it’s present in a host of other foods that we consume regularly. Whatever the case, Sucralose isn’t the only artificial ingredient that can be present in Cirkul flavors. They can also contain preservatives like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

These are also present in a lot of other things we eat and are FDA approved. However, because of these preservatives and the artificial sweetener Sucralose, Cirkul flavored water can’t be considered as healthy as pure unaltered water; it does come close though.

Does Cirkul have coffee?

While Cirkul doesn’t sell coffee, it has an Iced Coffee line of flavors called Frosted. Flavors in this product line include Hazelnut Iced Coffee, Caramel Iced Coffee, Classic Iced Coffee, Mocha Iced Coffee, and Vanilla Iced Coffee.

All of these contain caffeine and can give you an energy burst that can keep you going throughout your day. These aren’t the only caffeinated Cirkul flavors though. There are others in the Gateway Tea product line and some in the Fission one.

Those in the former include Tea & Lemonade, Blackberry Tea, Sweet Tea, Green Tea, Peach Tea, and  Raspberry Tea. Those in the latter include Shake & Bake (Strawberry Watermelon), Jackpot (Green Apple), E.T (Lemon Lime), Nocturnal (Berry Blend), Blue Magic (Blue Raspberry), Send It (Fruit Punch), and Florida Man (Orange Citrus).

Does drinking Cirkul count as your water intake for the day?

Since Cirkul flavors don’t affect your water’s hydrating power, drinking water this way still counts. It can even make drinking water more fun and appealing, helping you hit your hydration goals.

Using Cirkul can particularly be helpful for people who are addicted to sugary drinks and are trying to replace them with water.

How many Cirkul bottles should I drink a day?

Since people are supposed to drink around 2 liters of water per day, you should drink around three 22oz Cirkul bottles per day. However, the exact amount you’ll need will depend on your location, the current season there, and your activity levels.

The more active you are and the hotter it is where you are, the more water you’ll need to consume because you will be sweating more. Another thing to keep in mind is that men usually need to drink more water than women.

Final thoughts

All things considered, Cirkul water bottles are helpful and unique, making them worth the investment for many.

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