Can You Recycle Post-it Notes?

Maybe it’s just my neurotic side, but there’s something quite satisfying about crossing out what you’ve done from your to-do list, especially when the list is a physical one.

That’s part of the reason why many type-As like post-it notes. They make it easy to organize your thoughts/ideas and to keep track of your progress.

But as we all know, a love of post-it notes can easily get out of hand, leaving you with hundreds of them all over your house.

And for many of us, figuring out how to sustainably get rid of these tiny pieces of paper is tricky – it’s easier to just throw them in the trash.

Can you recycle post-it notes?

Yes, you can recycle post-in notes just like other pieces of paper. Neither the adhesive nor the dyes in post-it notes prevent recycling.

However, some waste collectors don’t accept post-it notes because of these two features. So before you throw these pieces of paper in your recycle bin, contact your local authorities and confirm whether they accept them. Generally, programs that accept mixed paper accept post-it notes too.

Can you compost post-it notes?

Yes, you can compost post-it notes – none of their constituents are toxic. So if you have a compost heap, this is the best way for you to dispose of your post-it notes.

Just ensure you cut them into small pieces first – not only does it fasten the decomposition process but it also keeps your garden from looking messy.

Soaking the post-it notes in water before adding them to your compost pile also speeds up the decaying process.

What can you do with old post-it notes?

Apart from recycling, composting, or throwing them out, there are other things you can do with your old post-it notes. You can reuse them to:

  1. Make drink coasters
    A bunch of post-it notes can be used to create a makeshift drink coaster. This can protect your home or boardroom tables from those pesky liquid rings.
  2. Remove lint from clothes
    Even used post-it notes have an adhesive strong enough to remove lint from your clothes. To make maximum use of this feature, store all your used post-it notes in a sealable bag and take out a few whenever you need to remove lint from your clothes.
  3. Make bookmarks
    If you’re an avid book reader, it’s a great idea to use your old post-it notes to make bookmarks. These colorful pieces of paper can make some of the most beautiful stripe bookmarks.
  4. Make party decorations
    If you need to make party decorations on short notice, you can easily cut up your old post-it notes to make confetti or even string them together to make a banner.

Are post-it notes bad for the environment?

If disposed of inappropriately, post-it notes can be bad for the environment. When they end up in landfills, they can produce methane and contribute to climate change.

Compost, recycle or reuse

When it comes to post-it notes, the most sustainable disposal methods are composting, recycling, and reusing. The fewer post-it notes you send to landfills the better!

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