Can You Compost Animal Fat?

If you regularly eat meat, you know how much animal fat it can produce. Sometimes it can be so much that you don’t need to add any oil to your meat to fry it.

To make matters worse, you can even notice that you have some leftover fat after you’ve done frying. So to help you out, we’re going to use this post to talk about what you can do with this leftover animal fat.

We are particularly going to discuss whether you can compost it or not.

Can you compost animal fat?

While it is possible to compost animal fat, the cons of doing so greatly outweigh the pros. For one, animal fat decomposes slower than other components in your compost heap.

Secondly, it attracts rodents and other animals to your compost heap. To make matters worse, like meat, it can carry diseases and bacteria that can interfere with your compost heap’s balance

Can you compost meat grease?

Like solid animal fat, it makes no sense to add meat grease to your compost. It benefits it in no way and can make matters worse by attracting animals.

Can I put lard in compost?

Putting lard in your compost heap is a bad idea. After all, lard is just animal fat that has been separated from its meat. As such, adding it to your compost heap will also attract animals to your heap.

Can bacon grease go into the green bin?

While it isn’t advisable to add bacon grease/fat to your compost heap, you can throw it into the green bin.

How do you dispose of bacon grease?

To get rid of bacon grease, you can pour it into your green bin.

Alternatively, you can wait for it to solidify and then wipe it using paper towels before throwing them into your garbage bin.

Whatever you do though, don’t pour bacon grease down your sink. This can cause buildup and plumbing issues.

What else can I do with bacon grease?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to dispose of bacon grease – you can just reuse it. You can do this in a variety of ways including:

1. Spreading it on your pizza crust

You can make your pizza crust crispier and give it more flavor by spreading some bacon grease on it before adding the toppings.

2. Roasting vegetables

If you regularly roast vegetables, you can use bacon grease instead of oil when doing it. You just have to add some grease to the tray you are planning to use and place it in the oven to melt before adding your vegetables.

3. Making biscuits

You can easily replace half of the butter you use in your biscuit recipe with solidified bacon grease.

  1. Making gravy

One of the most interesting ways to reuse bacon grease is to use it as a base for your gravy.

Final thoughts

While it’s a bad idea to add bacon grease or any other type of animal fat to your compost, there are many ways that you can reuse it around the house.

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