Can Cut Flowers Be Composted?

Cut flowers have been popular for centuries.

While some people only use them as gifts for loved ones, others use them to decorate their homes. In ancient times, people even used them in the practice of medicine and alchemy. Needless to say, flowers have always played an integral part in human culture.

But like all plant-based materials, cut flowers eventually lose their oomph and die. So what should you do when you find yourself in such a predicament? Can you throw them into your compost?

Well, we have just the answers you seek.

Can cut flowers be composted?

Yes, cut flowers can be composted. You should only be concerned about this if the flowers are riddled with disease or doused with too much artificial flower feed or preservatives. These can harm the helpful bacteria in your heap and reduce the quality of your compost. Otherwise, even the vase water of your cut flowers can be added to your compost without any problem.

How to compost cut flowers

Composting cut flowers is not that complicated.

First of all, you should separate the flowers’ petals, break them up, and toss them into your heap.

Afterward, cut up the leaves and stems before adding them to your pile as well. These will go a long way in adding nitrogen to your compost. To get the most nitrogen from your flowers though, you should compost them before they dry out.

Once they dry out, cut flowers add more carbon to the compost instead. Whatever state the flowers are in though, ensure your compost is arranged in sandwich-like layers and has enough moisture.

Also, remember to add adequate amounts of hydrated white lime.

Can you compost rose clippings?

If you have been planting roses in your garden and have ended up with some extra clippings, we have some good news for you – you can compost them.

And doing so isn’t complicated either – you just have to ensure you shred them before tossing them into your pile. This will ensure that even the thorns get broken down into pieces that will decompose faster.

How to repurpose flowers

Before you get to the point that you need to permanently get rid of cut flowers, there are many ways to repurpose them around the house. The most popular ones include:


If you still find your old bouquet beautiful, you can easily dry it out and use it to decorate a room.

Just hang it upside down in a corner of the room and you’ll be surprised at how much elevation it provides.

Making rose water

If you are really into natural homemade beauty products, you could use flowers to make rose water.

This sweet-smelling rose pink liquid has numerous skin care benefits and is quite easy to make at home.

Making potpourri

If you’re looking to freshen up one of your house’s rooms, you should consider making some potpourri.

Mixing your old flowers with some spices and herbs can create a beautiful scent that will make your room more comfy and livable.

There’s so much to do

Ultimately, when it comes to old cut flowers, there is just so much you can do. So don’t be too hard on yourself – your flowers won’t be a hitch to your sustainability journey.

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