Are Dryer Sheets Recyclable?

Created in the 1960s, dryer sheets help spread fabric softener on your clothes and keep them free of static.

So for many who regularly do their own laundry, they are a must-have – they make the whole process much easier and more convenient.

However, since they are single-use items, it’s quite easy to end up with tons of used dryer sheets over time, not knowing how to get rid of them.

Fortunately, today’s post is designed to help you deal with that situation. It is going to answer all your questions about dryer sheet disposal.

Can you recycle dryer sheets?

No, you can’t recycle dryer sheets. Most of them are made of a thin polyester film that isn’t recyclable. And even if it was, the chemicals that are applied to this film also hinder the recycling process.

Even when it comes to the few brands of dryer sheets that use unbleached paper, recycling is not an option.

This is because their manufacturers, some of which are Method and Seventh Generation, usually include essential oil in their dryer sheets.

These oils, while natural, would contaminate paper recycling streams.

Are dryer sheets biodegradable and compostable?

Since most dryer sheets are made of synthetic polyester and chemicals, they are neither biodegradable nor compostable.

However, those made of unbleached paper and essential oils are biodegradable and can be added to your compost bin.

How do you dispose of dryer sheets?

The only way to get rid of polyester dry sheets is to throw them in the trash.

As for the paper ones, composting is the best option.

How to reuse dryer sheets

Before you have to dispose of dryer sheets, it’s always great to find a way to reuse them. This reduces waste and ensures you get maximum use from them.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

Wiping surfaces

Believe it or not, dryer sheets are great for wiping dust off of surfaces, even glass ones. And they don’t even leave lint behind.

Removing pet hair from clothes and furniture

If you have a pet or two, getting pet hair off your clothes and furniture can be as easy as running old dryer sheets on them.

Freshening up areas of the home

Since dryer sheets still maintain a little bit of their air freshening properties, they can be used to freshen up an area of your house that is smelly.

This may be the inside of a shoe, the inside of a closet, or even the bottom of a garbage can.

Dryer sheets are bad for the environment

Generally speaking, dryer sheets are bad for the environment. They emit chemicals into the air, contribute to waste, and are unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

Think about it, there are several more sustainable alternatives out there.

You could choose to use plain old liquid fabric softener or even wool balls.

Ultimately, the fewer dryer sheets you buy and the more you reuse them before tossing them out, the better.

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