Are Craft Pipe Cleaners Recyclable?

With the world’s increased interest in DIYs and crafts, pipe cleaners have found new innovative uses. They have been used to make flowers and a host of other cute crafts, particularly for kids. So if you have a kid, you have probably encountered these versatile tools.

But like many environmentally conscious people, you may have some concerns about craft pipe cleaners. For instance, are they even recyclable?

Well, you have come to the right place. We have the answers you seek.

Are craft pipe cleaners recyclable?

No, craft pipe cleaners are not recyclable. However, they can be reused and repurposed.

What can you do with old craft pipe cleaners?

Short of throwing them out, there are other things you can do with old craft pipe cleaners. These include:

Use them for DIYs/crafts

This is quite an obvious answer. You could just keep repurposing your craft pipe cleaners for different DIY projects until they get worn out. This way, you get their full lifespan out of them and also get to have fun creating a variety of projects.

Some of the projects you can embark on include:

  • Bubble wands: These are fun to create for small children and you can even bead their handles for greater sturdiness
  • Pipe cleaner dragons: If your little one just loves dragons, you can easily make some using pipe cleaners, some craft foam, and a little hot glue
  • Flowers: Whether you like tulips or daffodils, you can make them using pipe cleaners. You can even bring in your older kids to help you with this project. As long as you have clear instructions, you should be fine
  • Easter eggs: If you are looking for a cute project for Easter, this is the perfect one for you. With just a few craft pipe cleaners, you can make really amazing decor eggs
  • Tiaras: Due to the versatility of pipe cleaners, they can even be used to create tiaras and other cute girly things

Donate them

Interestingly, there are several schools and community centers that accept craft pipe cleaners and a variety of other odd materials as donations.

In fact, in Palm Beach Florida, organizations like The Resource Depot have made it a mission of theirs to collect such non-recyclable items.

All you have to do is drop off your unwanted items and they will sort and categorize them before selling them to the public at a low flat rate. Every day, they receive tons of stuff including office materials, containers, and even clean yogurt holders. They accept almost everything so if you have some craft pipe cleaners laying around, these are the guys for you.

So, even if you don’t live in Palm Beach, you could always check out whether your area has this offering as well.

Take care of your craft pipe cleaners

To lengthen their lifespans, you should take care of your craft pipe cleaners. Keep them clean and germ-free and store them in airy places. Ultimately, proper care will ensure they don’t end up in landfills sooner.

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